What Does The College of Management Manage? 

The newbie village for business management adventurer.

When first establishing the university, they set up "Campus Planning Guidelines" for buildings on campus to follow certain specifications, in order to present the beauty of entirety.

You can find much in common between different buildings, for example, all buildings are elevated to prevent rain pouring or floating in, plenty of single-sided corridor in order to create good air circulation, each teaching zone has a courtyard for people to social or rest. Even though every building follows the same standard, it still can create a different feeling. Take the Management Building, for example, it carries the same base of warm-toned from the exterior, but it uses plentiful element of glass which created a brighter, lighter space comparing to others.

What kind of things can different designs affect? Check out "The walking Pigeons" for more details!

What else does the Management Building make a difference than other buildings? The students from the Department of Tourism, Leisure, and Recreation Studies actually set up an Internship restaurant" Fire place" for their graduation project. This is a project to assist students with Integrating knowledge and practical experience. The main goal is to train them to have enough management and business skills before graduating. Fireplace is a warm space with a relaxing atmosphere just for the customers. It was officially opened since 2017 October 13th and is expected to open on October 7th for this semester (2019-1st semester). Business hours are every Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 14:00. If next time after class, you have no idea what to have for lunch might as well try out their delicious meal in the Management Building in B203.

If you are interested in what they have as a menu, follow them on Facebook and Instagram "@trlsxfireplace"!

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