Finding Nemo...Oh, I Mean Doggies 

♪A little bit of doggy in my life♪ ♫A little bit of doggy by my side♫

Dong Hwa is huge. About ten thousand population, with non-stop growing pigeon gangs, there are still one more species that is popular than anything. Yes, that's right, they are human's most loyalty friend "Doggies"!

The school really paid lots of attention to stray dogs and school dogs, and the students have also established "N.D.H.U. Aowoo Welfare Club" to manage and take care of them. Both the school and the club wants to develop a peaceful environment for Human, Dogs and Nature under the premise of respecting life.

In order to achieve this goal, In late 2017, the principles of school dogs has become official, our of this principle they set up a full procedure for handling everything thing about school dogs. Members of "Aowoo Welfare Club" have voluntarily undertook all the jobs like, taking care, feeding, health checking and also holding adoption fairs for stray dogs. They also host lot's of activity to provide correct information ways to hang out with the doggies. Till now, Dong Hwa's dogs does not only have their own data book of their information, but also have the freedom to walk around the whole campus (If they don't have bad records that causes safety problem) and bonded special relationship with most of the students.

Want to learn more about the doggies on campus? Information like, number, name, habits, territory, etc. have all been recorded in "The dog database"! Go check out how many cute doggies we have in this school!

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