Permutation combination of Humanities and Social Science Buildings 

Here comes the campus playing a total wild card.

"Hey, where are you heading to?"

"Humanities and Social Science Building I."

"Oh, the one next to the Library?"

"No, that's Building II."

"Then what is the building in the middle?"

"That's the one I'm heading towards!"

"Why aren't them in order???!!"

Does anyone have the same experience of going to the wrong building? Most of the students that have courses in Humanities and Social Science Buildings for the first time, must have ran through all three buildings just to get to the correct one, right?

In fact, "The College of Humanities and Social Sciences" is the new name after merging two universities (Former National Dong Hwa University and National Hualien University of Education). Building I used to be the building of the College of Liberal Art. It was completed in 1995, one of the oldest building of all. Building II was called the building of Common Subjects Classroom Building, finished in 2000, Used to be where most of the general education classes take place.

So as it was mentioned earlier, after merging two university, College of liberal art became Building I, Common Subjects Classroom Building became Building II. Then, the population after merging grew in sudden causes running out of space, which leads the school to make the decision of building Humanities and Social Science Building III in between the Administration Building and Building I. So this is why the order of Humanities and Social Science Building is 3, 1, 2(If you counted from administration building to the library).

Hopefully, this article can help you to get to your classroom without more running around and being late anymore! 

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