The Green Green Dong Hwa

Lv.251 Wild life 

Being a newcomer on campus, the first assignment is getting to the right classroom on time. The most well-known features of the Dong Hwa campus are its sheer vastness and biodiversity. There are countless species on our campus: one of Dong Hwa's three treasures, Chinese ladies tresses; one of Taiwan's native species, Taiwan golden-rain tree; ingredients of dyes, Chinese tallow tree and common garcinia; a sight more dazzling than the sun, golden shower tree, etc. To ensure the safety of students and teachers, the school weeds the fields and prunes the trees periodically. Besides basic maintenance, the school also cooperates with professors from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies to find out which species needs to be protected, hoping to make Dong Hwa a better place for lives to thrive.

Would you like to know more about Dong Hwa's natural environment? Follow Nature People Club on Facebook and participate in NRES week (a week of activities held by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies to know more about nature). May the bug of fortune bless you during the finals!

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