As the Bell Rang 

Oh, you are just special aren't you? 

Names such as 〈Goin' Home〉,〈Amaryllis〉,〈Westminster Quarters〉,

〈Whittington〉, etc., might not ring any bells, but these melodies are engraved on every Taiwanese student's memory. They are classic school bell choices in Taiwan, and the students hear it at the start of each class and each recess.

Based on the concept of freedom, Dong Hwa University has decided to not use the school bell system, which is something quite different compared to other universities. This decision is to give the teachers and students more freedom to adjust their class schedules according to their own needs. However, there is one exception-the Hua-Shih Educational Building.

Why is Hua-Shih the only building that rings the school bell? After merging former Dong Hwa University and National Hualien University of Education, they adjusted the departments and established "Hua-Shih College of Education." Ringing the school bell not only preserves the tradition of National Hualien University of Education but also allows the students of Hua-Shih College to develop the habit of listening to the school bell, an important aspect of their future careers.

Would you like to know another secret of Hua-Shih College? Please read professor Lin Wei-Xin's article〈Why does Hua-Shih College of Education ring the school bell?〉.

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