The Brightest Star in Campus 

Here's the biggest Mosquito Zapper! (that doesn't do its job...) 

One of the most unique building features of Dong Hwa can be summed up in one word: tower. The towering buildings not only radiate a sense of dignity and pleasing symmetry but also play a significant part in school ceremonies such as "Lighting of the Five Towers" which occurs twice per school year.

The five towers include the Administration Building, the Humanities and Social Sciences Building I, the Humanities and Social Sciences Building II, the Library, and the Science and Engineering Building (also known as the Mosquito Zapper). They are all buildings that were completed in the early stage of the university's foundation.

Every year during the school's anniversary and graduation, the school will light up all towers. The five towers will glow brightly in the dark and quiet night, sending out best wishes and illuminating the graduates' future paths.

Unlike the other towers, the Mosquito Zapper has a special design which lights up the whole building instead of just the top part, making it an irreplaceable landmark of the university.

2019 東華誌造 | 版權所有。
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