The Tower of The Home of Wisdom

What's up with you for being so tall?

Being a part of Dong Hwa, you must know some facts about "the towers"! Every building constructed during the early stages of Dong Hwa's establishment has a tower. Out of five of the said buildings, the one that stands out the most is the Library Tower that goes up to 53 meters (173.88 feet)!

But why should the Library Tower be that tall? It turns out to have a profound meaning: "Academia should be a school's top priority, and authority should never tower over knowledge." Compared to the other universities that have more prominent administration buildings, Dong Hwa decided to rise the treasure trove of knowledge high into the clouds, telling everyone "Knowledge is the most important of them all!"

The Library Tower not only possesses a deep meaning but also takes reservations for group visits. If you would like to be in the tallest building in the whole area and take in the whole Shoufeng Township at once, don't hesitate and invite your friends to go with you! Check out the information right at The library services website!

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